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Harmony in the Home Plan Features:

  • Assessment

  • Goal development and personalized coaching plan

  • Start working towards your goals

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Where do I begin?

All clients start with the Harmony in the Home Plan, which includes: 

Three 50-minute sessions 

(locally in the home setting or out-of-state via zoom):

  • Observation & Assessment

  • Personalized Coaching Plan Development

  • Implementation of Tools

  • Three phone check-ins after each session

       (totaling 30 minutes)

Couples Coaching

Plan Features:

  • Identify patterns

  • Restore hope

  • Increase connection

  • Move forward and restore your love

  • Get the tools and skills for continued growth

  • Move Forward and Restore Your Love Three 50-minute sessions

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    350 US dollars
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Divorce Harmony

Plan Features:

  • At-home or virtual assessment

  • A private, nonjudgmental safe haven to discuss your reaction

  • Solutions to ease the impact of the divorce on your children

  • Help anticipating and preparing for each unexpected problem

  • Strategies to help you respond in the moment

  •  Help breaking the news to your children, family and friends

  • Creating a vision for the next part phase of your life

  • Goal-setting to help you achieve your goals

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Continuing Care Sessions

For clients who have already completed a Harmony in the Home Plan
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