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Jodie has been such a wonderful support and resource for me. I have suffered with anxiety for years without a sense of relief or tangible plan. Jodie has broken down complex thoughts and ideas into simple steps that I am able to complete and immediately feel a sense of relief. She is incredibly kind and easy to work with - I highly recommend giving her a call.

- SM

We have been seeing Jodie for about a year and we couldn't be happier.


After meeting later in life, we both came into our relationship with previous fears and hang-ups that Jodie has successfully helped us navigate and overcome.


Jodie is extremely kind and understanding while also a greater listener. We really appreciate the way she is able to break down complex situations and help us to create actionable steps that move our relationship forward.


We couldn't recommend her more highly!”


Jodie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to these difficult conversations and situations.  She has helped me work through my marital issues while keeping me focused on my own growth.  She can really relate to the stresses put on the younger families in today's society. I highly recommend her services!

- KH

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