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Sound familiar?

Have you ever felt frazzled, stressed, disorganized and overwhelmed with guilt for not being the best you know you can be?

As a wife and mother, I understand what it's like to have those feelings,  and to struggle with the balance of work, home, bedtime, sports, and life in general.  We all need tools, we all need to feel stable, organized, and emotionally secure in our own homes with our families. We especially want that for our children. I will teach you the effective tools you need and coach your family on how to use them.  I believe that each person has the ability to change their behavior and move forward. Let's move forward to a happier and more stable home for your family!


What to Expect

Outside of school, you spend the most time with your child. That's why The Kid Coach uses a systems approach, involving and working with the whole family. Harmony at Home is the "essential starter package" because it is vital to stabilize everything happening at home first. I will meet with you. I will listen and clearly understand what's preventing this from happening. I will tailor a plan of action to coach you to your goal. And most importantly, I will stand by you. I will help you each step of the process to implement the solutions that you need to achieve harmony in your home!

Couple with Kids

Families Start Here

Harmony at Home Package

The Essential Starter Package for All Parents

Three 50-minute sessions 

(Virtually or locally in-person):

  • In-home, in-school, or virtual observation

  • Assessment

  • Personalized coaching plan development

  • Introduction of parenting tools

  • Implementation of parenting tools

  • Three phone check-ins (One after each session)


Family photo 5.png
Teenage Students

Teen Harmony Package

The Skills Every Teen Needs to Learn to Survive Adolescence

(once Harmony at Home sessions are complete)
Three 50-minute sessions 

(Virtually or locally in-person):

       Your teen will begin to learn how to:

  • Deal with stress

  • Reduce anxiety with proven methods

  • Boost self confidence

  • Regulate emotions

  • Resolve conflicts 

  • Improve family relationships

  • Set and work towards long term future goals


Sibling Harmony Package

The Essential Starter Package for Parents of Siblings

Three 50-minute sessions 

(Virtually or locally in-person):


  • Develop parenting self-awareness

  • Meet your child's needs for lasting changes

  • Manage how you react to your children

  • Identify patterns

  • Learn new ways to communicate that ignites positive change

  • Clarity and confidence as a parent

  • Peace of mind that you're doing the right thing

Online Communication

Coaching Sessions

For the family who has previously completed one of the
"The Harmony at Home Packages."


How does it work?





Totaling 30 minutes

I take a holistic approach to behavior coaching facilitated from years of experience as a marriage and family therapist. My training in Systems Coaching has taught me to identify patterns in behavior that are key pieces to healing relationships. At our first meeting, you will be in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can feel comfortable. This allows us to speak freely and clearly identify personal goals and what might be happening to prevent them. Every family is different, and we will work together to find the right solution for your family. I truly believe that each person has the ability to improve their behavior and move forward. Let's move forward to a happier, calmer harmonious home for your family! 

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