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Bored Kids this Summer?

It’s summer and summertime usually means free days and less schedules! You've gone from busy to pretty open. This can often lead to tv, phone and computer binges and of course that can lead to cranky, bored kids.

If you are feeling rutterless, then a fun family meeting and some summer dreaming may be your answer! Grab some markers and paper or a poster board to create a bucket list of all the things to do that your family might want to do this summer.

Fun family things to do can be simple and inexpensive:

-Water days are so much fun! Sprinklers, water balloons, sidewalk chalk.

-Set up a contest: cookie decorating, fort building, egg drop, obstacle course, etc

(you can turn anything into a fun contest with a list of supplies, a time limit and a goal)

-Evening bike ride: the days are long, the evening are cool and there’s no school tomorrow!

-Rainy day: puzzles, puddle jumping, dance party

-Board Games- create a theme, make teams, dress up etc.

-Learn a new skill and start a passive project: knitting, crocheting, needle point, etc.

-Lemonade Stand: lemons, sugar, water and a great lesson on what it takes to set up for success

These are just a few ideas if you get stuck.

Helpful Hint: You can also help your family think of summer bucket list items by asking them to close their eyes and imagine a summer day. What did it look like, what were they doing?

Summer's just begun! You've got a blank canvas, so make sure you fill it with a few simple and fun family memories!

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*electronics NOT included!

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