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Spring Break: Get Out & Explore!

It’s March and we are near winter’s end! The hibernation time is ending and people are ready to explore again. That’s why one of the traditions to mark this time is Spring Break!

Traveling with kids can be so much fun. It’s awesome to visit new places and see new sights, but there’s something extra special about watching your kids experience those things! The awe, excitement and amazement is very rewarding. This part of traveling is a dream!

But then there’s also the reality. Packing, unpacking, repacking, snacks, sunscreen, gear, etc. And let’s not forget, all of the excitement can also be overstimulating. So what can you do?

Embrace the adventure while trying your best to keep a light, flexible schedule. If basic needs are met first, (think mealtimes, sleep times, etc.) you will be set up for the potential of a great day.

Next, hold onto your hats folks, consider making no screens rules for the kids. The reality is, you’ve spent time and effort to give your family this experience, so look around! Role model appreciating your surroundings or immersing yourself in the culture you’re visiting. A lot of people think that screens are a good way to decompress which actually is not true. Screens are more stimulation for your child's brain and usually ends up being overstimulating. They also cause kids to be cranky because of the withdrawal felt when the hyper-stimulation stops.

Preparation, limited screens and a light, non over-packed, flexible schedule that allows for some down time and wiggle room is sure to set you up to make your vacation dreams a reality!

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