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Summer Planning

School is almost out! It’s a much needed and deserved mental break for kids and can also be seen as a reward for all of their hard work from their school year. Having said that, 10 weeks can feel like a daunting amount of time to be at home and not with their friends.

Now is the time to make some plans so they have things to look forward to! You can coordinate time for them to hang out with their friends. Maybe to meet at a playground or have a picnic at a destination with shade like at a state park or fly a kite on a breezy day. A fun family activity is to sit down with the whole family there and ask each person if they could do one thing this summer, what would it be?” You can also make a summer wish list of several activities to look forward to throughout the summer.

For more information, scroll through ideas @thekidcoachlakeland and make sure you follow our Instagram stories for new ideas throughout the summer!

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