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A Harmonious Home Is Within Reach.


Harmony at Home vs. The Kid Coach
Which is right for me?

Coach Jodie helps clients in every different stage of life. Whether you're an overwhelmed parent, a single individual needing guidance or a couple navigating divorce...we have a plan for you. 
Harmony at Home Packages
are perfect for:

Couples Navigating Divorce
The Kid Coach Packages
are perfect for:

Parents & Caregivers
Sibling Relationships
virtual coaching services

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Family Breakfast

Are You Feeling...

Like you

can't sleep?

Asking yourself questions like...

will my boss


The Harmony at Home Coaching program is your solution!


With Coach Jodie's proven coaching method, you're given the tools to manage life when you need it the most. 


 You'll finally feel the peace and balance that gives you harmony from within.


Let's get started!


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Family Breakfast

Create lasting change

Every client starts in the same place - with the Harmony at Home Plan,
which includes 3 sessions with Coach Jodie. Throughout our sessions, we move
through your custom '4 Steps to Harmony' with an Assessment, Behavior Plan,
Implementation and Follow Up Support.

The '
4 Steps to Harmony' program works because you are
given the tools to create meaningful change.

These 4 steps are your path to a harmonious future. 


Behavior Plan


Follow Up Support

"Jodie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to these difficult conversations and situations."


Coaching vs. Therapy
What's the difference?

Coaching vs Therapy


  • Coaching looks forward, deals in the present, seeks to educate, and does not diagnose.  




  • Coaching uses tools and the most current research to help you gain the skills you need to live your best life.


  • Therapy typically addresses issues in a client's background and seeks to work through those issues until the client has found some "closure."  




  • Therapy frequently uses diagnoses and can last anywhere from weeks to years.  


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