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What are tools? Why do we need them?

Tools are skills and strategies taught in order to appropriately handle a situation. A few examples of tools are: Goal Setting- How to set a goal and determine the action to help you reach that goal. Shaping Behavior- How to properly reinforce behavior you want to see and stop behavior you don't. Consequences- How to give appropriate and effective consequences for both good and bad behavior. Regulating your emotions- How to go from a heightened state (ie: anxiety, anger, etc.) to a calm state. As we grow, we learn tools to do many things. We learn manners, we learn how to share, we learn about our health. However, we are not taught emotional health. For instance, we are not taught appropriate social skills (interpersonal effectiveness). Some of these social skills include communication skills, how to calm down, how to problem solve situations, how to advocate for our needs while keeping a relationship and SO many more! Learning these critical interpersonal skills not only improves relationships, but stabilizes the systems that we live within while making our lives function better. Doing this lifts the emotional burden tied to dysfunction and replaces it with stability, security and harmony.

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